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Green Salad | سلطة خضراء

Your choice of 200 gms of Entrecôte steak with Café de Paris Sauce | "اختيارك من ٢٠٠غرام انتروكوت ستيك مع صلصة "كافيه دو باريس  

Unlimited homemade French fries |  وبطاطا مقلية 


New Zealand Beef | لحم بقر نيوزيلندي  

High Quality beef grass fed at its finest. Carefully selected for age, tenderness and leanness, a great taste for a pleasurable dining experience.


Australian Angus Beef | لحم بقر أنغوس أسترالي  

Superior quality, 150 days grain fed Angus beef. Rich in marbling that stimulates flavor & juiciness. 


Wagyu Beef | لحم بقر واغيو  

A succulent tender beef, 400 days grain fed derived from a tight genetic controlled Japanese breed. 


Black Wagyu Beef  9+  Limited availability*

A succulent tender beef, 600 days grain fed derived  from a tight genetic controlled Japanese breed,

Reach in marbling & flavor, Black Wagyu beef 9+ provides a great source of vitamins & nutrients to protect the human body


Dessert Menu


Brownies aux Noix

Fondant au Chocolat | فوندون شوكول

Sticky Date Pudding

Tarte Aux Pommes | تارت بالتفاح

Crème Brulée | كريم بريلي

Profiteroles au Chocolat | پروفيترول

Tiramisu |تيراميسو

Cheese Cake | تشيز كيك

Gâteau au Chocolat | كيك شوكولا

Pain Perdu

Mousse au Chocolat | موس شوكولا

Salad de Fruits

Ice Cream & Fruit Sorbet Selection




All prices are inclusive of 5% VAT 



O U R  M E N U

The Original Franchise from Geneva of Entrecôte Cafe de Paris since 1930. 
Toujours Imitée, Jamais Egalée

© 2014 by Entrecôte Café de Paris


To make a reservation please call us at: 

(+971) 2 557 6508 (Abu Dhabi)

(+971) 4 434 0122 (Dubai)

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